Affiliations and Colleagues

Culinartheater  Theatre in the Tiergarten, Nürnberg - the original Culinartheater - bold, musical, delicious; presented by Helga and Peter Noventa  
Greene Entertainment   the murder mystery makers, run by successful Irish producer Richard Greene  
Business Interactive   Glossy web-based trainings, animations and advertising films  
Alex Teubner   Talented singer, comedian and actor Alex Teubner  
Nana Media   Music, Studio and Theatre productions by multi-talented Jürgen Heimüller  
Schels PR  Professional, effective PR by Michael Schels  
Ralf Dietl   Elegant, lively graphic design by Ralf Dietl  
Chris Daigl   Actor and Director Chris Daigl  
Beam Ends / Elmar Vogt  Author and Radionaut Elmar Vogt  
Phoenix Unternehmensberatung  Business consulting and coaching experts Frank Käppler and Werner Möstl