Mad Dog Training: Learning Should Be Fun

The Death of boring lessons

Decades of research have shown that people learn best in a relaxed environment where they feel free to make mistakes. Why then are so many training courses just like the bad-old-days at school?

A Mad Dog training course is different. Here, participants learn together by exploring, researching and laughing. As the trainer I draw on my international business experience, my training as a psychologist and my box of tricks from the theatre, making sure that the participants have fun, that they are in the optimal mood for learning, and that no course is ever boring.

My methods have convinced customers at a range of institutions, including Siemens, SKW Piesteritz, Adidas, Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile, the TAW, Verband Merkur, the FA University Erlangen-Nürnberg and the FH Schweinfurt. Often, the participants ask to have me back – “Wir wollen den Duplo-Mann!”

Book a one, three or five day course, and see for yourself that learning can be fun.