Who are the JukeBusters?

Is he a waiter?

The JukeBusters: Three a capella singers, comedians and improv artists who love to talk to their audience, create absurd stories and entertain you with skilfull a capella singing.

The JukeBusters love to play without amps and stage. They mingle with your guests (if you want to, disguised as colleagues, waiters or even as policemen) and begin talking to them. With humour and spontaneity, the Juke Boys react to their audience and begin to weave an interactive net between everyone present using many absurd little stories.

With the very first song at the latest, even the last audience member will know: These are professionals. Not just a capella classics from the 50s and 60s, but also pop, rock and modern songs, from AC/DC to "Billy Jean" or Uncle Kracker. This where the inimitable mixture of a capella conert, comedy and interactive theatre begins...

Component Theatre

In this popular JJukeBusters genre, the audience runs the show. Whether it's topic, genre or selction of songs chosen by your guests, the JukeBusters connect them all and make them into a show. Even during the show, the guests stay part of the action - everyone is invited to take part. Of course, no-one is forced or embarrassed into anything.

Restaurants, by the way, are the ideal setting for component theatre: Singing and playing takes place between courses, and there is enough time for informal exchanges and individual talks while eating.

Your Event

The Fortune Cookie never lies.

You want to include your company or products in the show? No Problem - talk to us!

Contact: +49 163 60 27 123 or adam@mad-dog-productions.de

The JukeBusters are:
Jürgen Heimüller (vocals, comedy, improvisation)
Adam Lawrence (vocals, comedy, improvisation)
Alex Teubner (vocals, comedy, improvisation)

Visit the Jukebuster website at www.jukebusters.de